The Lonely movie

This illustrated video was actually a 4th year assignment during my architecture studies. Each of the students picked cards out of different packs, revealing a certain character. The cards came in different colors, and on their back it said: “I am…”, “I live at…”, “I live next to…”, “I own…” and so on. We picked one of each and had to create a certain illustration, expressing how we figured that character out. The only rule was- no literal architecture. No models, plans or sketches.
Some students wrote a song, made music or painted. I made this.
My character was described as follows:
“I am a spinster. I live with my grandmother. I live in a large house of 18 rooms. I live next to a highway. I live next to a lake. My neighbors are a group of anarchists. I own a collection of customs.”
My interpretation is brought to you in this short clip. The music is by “Feist”.

My Movie
Here are some movie shots:

Lonely lonely from Shira Ganany on Vimeo.


2 Responses to “The Lonely movie”

  1. 1 פיצ'ולה April 30, 2010 at 09:09

    שירה, איזה בלוג נהדר יש לך, עברתי אחורה עד לפוסט הראשון, אז אפשר בעצם עדיין לומר “תתחדשי”. נרשמתי לעדכונים אז תמשיכי לשמח אותנו בפוסטים יפים עם טעם משובח!

  2. 2 חתולי 8 July 18, 2010 at 15:42

    יואו שירה- את ממשיכה להפתיע. כ”כ מוכשרת! איזה יופי!!

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