Scrappy pin-hole camera

I must say it’s been a while since i wrote here- my wedding is around the corner and we’re all in an invitations-and-sittings frantic…

Now, back to business-I LOVE this project. I’m such a photo-person, I love taking them and I love arranging them in albums. I have always been drawn to cameras, and have been following the renewed fashion of pin hole cameras on the wonderful blog, A Beautiful Mess.
It’s really easy to make, the principles are very basic. I think it’s great taking a few pictures on film, and specially with this sort of device- the results are unexpected, interesting and surprising. Then there’s the sweet anticipation for the photos to be developed- we almost forgot that magical moment when you receive the envelope full of pictures you have never seen before!
On my search for an easy how-to I found this site- the DIY Photography. Amongst the links on the site you can find the legendary Dirkon, which looks like a real camera from the 70s. Some of these cameras look super slick, some very home-made. I, obviously, went straight to the smoking-hot: the cameras at the Corbis Readymech Cameras. And while building the camera myself, why not personalize it and make it my own, right?

I picked two cameras on the Corbis site, printed them out and assembled, learning the basic mechanism and function. Then, I chose one of the models and used it as a template for my own lovely papers. And there you have it! my own hand-made camera! I promised myself to make more of these, we’ll see how it goes…

By the way- you might recognize the stamped embellishments- I had some leftover flowers from the Bloom Boom card, all cut out and ready to use šŸ˜‰
Now all I have to do is take enough pictures and see what happens! I’ll share the exciting results here.

Have a nice one,



2 Responses to “Scrappy pin-hole camera”

  1. 2 michali June 1, 2010 at 18:00

    מהממ×Ŗ! מאד הק×Øני×Ŗ ל×Øאו×Ŗ מה היא ×Ŗצלם šŸ™‚

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