Inspire me NOW! – Helen Musselwhite

Happy Saturday everybody!

For those of you that celebrate Christmas, I wish you a wonderful holiday, I hope it’s really festive and exciting wherever you are!

I would like to introduce a very talented artist. Her name is Helen Musselwhite and she creates the most magical, gorgeous, delicate and moving scenes with paper. The layers of hand-cut paper are laid in box frames to create depth and drama. I love the woodland works, it makes you feel as if you’re peeking through a dense, mystical forest. You also HAVE TO check the Glass Domes! So beautiful.

Most recommended! Check out Helen’s site here.

Happy holidays!



3 Responses to “Inspire me NOW! – Helen Musselwhite”

  1. 2 Tammy December 27, 2011 at 19:13

    Thanks for sharing – I knew some of these amazing works, but had no idea who made them and that they were all from the same artist.
    Also, you may want to check my blog as well, as the current post is about an Israeli architect who makes beautiful pop up cards.

  2. 3 December 28, 2011 at 19:44

    איזה יופי של עבודות. מעניין איך יראה מה שתכיני בהשראתן!
    נשיקות יקרה♥

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