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Dare To Dream

This little pop-up book was made for my friend Nitzan, in occasion of both her birthday and the birth of her little baby girl. It depicts the story of a girl who had a dream and made it happen. It’s the story of crafting your own future, literally (she is a craft-loving girl, after all).

I love the end result! Watch the video to see how it unfolds.












Have a lovely week!


Sharon & Tal’s Pop-Up Wedding Invitation

Hi you!

I’m more than happy to share this exciting project with you. My close and dear friend Sharon got married this summer to her handsome husband, Tal. For their unconventional (FUN!) wedding-party, we decided to make an out of the ordinary invitation.
This little pop up book tells the story of how they came to have an awesome party at a club for their wedding. We filmed the book (much like the video I attached below), then Sharon and Tal sent an e-mail inviting everyone to celebrate with them.

Note – best seen in 480 DPI quality. You can select that option at the bottom right of the video window.

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Some days are special

Remember the terrible pop-up chaos on my desk? Well, I’m happy to share the result of many planning and working hours – a small pop up greeting-book (I think I just made up a new term… it’s a greeting card presented as a book).
I used several pop up techniques and mechanisms, some for the first time. In order to make it all work together, I kept the color scheme and styling pretty homogeneous throughout the book. I used greenish-blue, gray and white card stock and some gray printed “washi” tape. I first drew all the silhouettes on paper and then carefully cut them out with an exacto knife.

I made this book for my mother’s birthday. It tells the story of a girl, who chases stars, just so she can make a shiny garland out of them and give it to her mom.

There’s even a video:

Love you mom! 🙂


Sharon’s tale

This little pop-up book was a birthday “card” for my close friend Sharon. We are four childhood friends, who always make sure to celebrate each other’s birthdays in some intimate, special way. Ruth, the talented writer of the quartet, wrote a funny story, for which I created these pop-up illustrations. The story tells of the birthday girl, Sharon, traveling away from her life in the city, searching for a new place to live in.

I chose to use a monochromatic scheme throughout the book: washed-out turquoise, sandy-beige, chocolate brown and white. I scanned a french Elle magazine from the 50’s (which I happily bought in Paris :)), and used the printed text as an extra “color”. Some of the pop-ups are based on Robert Sabuda‘s tamplates. I love the way it came out.

I warmly recommend watching the video at the end in high quality – just choose 720p on the movie quality selector at the bottom of the video window.
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Shana Tova to you all!

The Lonely movie

This illustrated video was actually a 4th year assignment during my architecture studies. Each of the students picked cards out of different packs, revealing a certain character. The cards came in different colors, and on their back it said: “I am…”, “I live at…”, “I live next to…”, “I own…” and so on. We picked one of each and had to create a certain illustration, expressing how we figured that character out. The only rule was- no literal architecture. No models, plans or sketches.
Some students wrote a song, made music or painted. I made this.
My character was described as follows:
“I am a spinster. I live with my grandmother. I live in a large house of 18 rooms. I live next to a highway. I live next to a lake. My neighbors are a group of anarchists. I own a collection of customs.”
My interpretation is brought to you in this short clip. The music is by “Feist”.

My Movie
Here are some movie shots:

Lonely lonely from Shira Ganany on Vimeo.

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