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A unique Calendar

Yaeli is a crafty and creative friend of mine. For her bachelorette party, I decided to make a gift that lasts for years. I made this calendar, which double-acts as a mini-album. She can put it on her desk, flip the day tabs for the right date, and use the month pocket as a photo backdrop (inside she can find a list of ever important dates, like birthdays and anniversaries). She was super exited to get it!



First post!

Well… I’ve been wanting to start my own blog forever now, but it took me quite a while to actually do something about it.
These days I’m very much into my wedding planning. Weddings here in Israel are unlike the ones you see in the U.S or Europe. They’re usually in the evening, with LOTS of guests (we’re inviting about 400 people!), and if the DJ is right- it’s a crazy party!

I’m planning something a little different- I’m going to have the Huppa (religious ceremony) on a Friday noon, a nice garden party for my closest family and friends. A week late, on a Thursday evening, we have our big party at a beautiful venue. You all know what it means, right? (I’ll give you a hint: twice the dress, twice the shoes, the hair and makeup etc…). At the noon event I’m doing a lot of DIY projects- it’ll all be up here once I’m done.

On the mean while you can check our “save-the-date” I made (also- not very common in Israel) here:
the password is: 010710
And the music is “1234” by the wonderful “Feist”

Hope you’ll enjoy my blog!


My Name is ShirA. This is my personal blog, where I share my love for paper craft, hand made creations and all things beautiful.

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