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Cupcake Madness!

I know, I know… I’m probably the last person on earth to join the cupcake frenzy. Everybody seems to be sewing, crafting, baking and eating cupcakes lately. It’s everywhere! So, for my wonderful husband’s birthday I’ve decided to join the mania and bake some cupcakes!

I was so enthusiastic, I couldn’t stop at one kind… There were rich chocolate ones, lemon and meringue, coffee, dulce de leche with Nutella, strawberry and chocolate-Irish cream! The house was full of these little lovelies! I really enjoyed decorating them (cream piping for the first time!) and they survived the short trip fantastically. Ari’s colleagues were thrilled to be served with these delicious tiny cakes.
I improvised with most of the recepies, but alot of the inspiration came from this site- Sirly Nemesh.

Happy birthday Ari my love – you are the best thing that ever happened to me!


Deep Purple

I’m Back!
I wanted to create something new for so long! I thought that my first card would be inspired by our beautiful journey to New Zealand, but for some reason – I’ve got purple on my mind! Thanks to Yaeli, my friend, I received my new Stampin’ Up! stamps all the way from the US. This was a good opportunity for me to try one of them, AND try out a new pop-up mechanism.
The card came out a little busier than what I’d normally prefer, but its clean facade when closed ensures a happy and poppy surprise when you open it!

I submitted this card to the following challenges:

* JUST ADD INK – #48 – A Sketch Challenge

* CES Challenges – #17 – Anything Goes

Have a lovely week!


Well… we’re back from New Zealand, still confused and uneasy at times, and a little bit jet-lagged… Checking my e-mail when I arrived home from the airport, I was happy and surprised to be invited to Adiya’s blog, where I was nominated one of the 8 most stylish blogs on her list! Such a treat!

The deal is as follows: each blogger that was chosen, also nominates his/her 8 most stylish blogs (scrapbook or scrapping related blogs), and tells 8 things about him/her that the blog readers don’t know yet. It’s a bit like chain letters- if you were chosen, you pass it forward and nominate blogs of your choice, preferably ones that weren’t picked before.
I have to say that a lot of the blogs I love here in Israel were already introduced, so I’m going to name both Israeli and international blogs. I hope that the bloggers mentioned below will join in this fun opportunity to be exposed and discover new creative blogs!

This is my 8 stylish list, starting with the Israeli blogs:

* Hagit’s blogGam veGam veGam

* Anat’s blogAnat Bentov Designs

* Keren’s blogParparim

* Elizabeth’s blogDear Lizzy

* Mary Jo’s blogBeauty Lies Within

* Jessica’s blogHow About Orange

* Ronda’s blogHelp Me Ronda

* Karen’s blogKarenika

And as for the 8 things readers don’t know about me… Hmmm… Hard to pick…

1. I’m very fond of summer shoes, with very high heels and sexy straps. I have lots them. Nevertheless, I eventually spend all summer in my worn, rubber flip-flops. Seriously, I wear them all the time…

2. I tend to sing the second voice or background vocals when listening to songs on the radio, specially in the car. My husband thinks it’s funny and weird.

3. I love robots. They’re awesome. I own a few, drawn a few and even ate some.

4. I take TV shows and movies way too seriously. I KNOW it’s just acting, yet I get sick to my stomach in very violent scenes, anxious in thrillers and lost, well, in LOST… It came to a point we can’t watch certain shows or movies just before going to bed, because I get so energetic or stressed- I can’t fall asleep (and as a result- neither can Ari).

5. I collect PEZ dispensers. I don’t display them at home in any way, but I always have plans of doing so…

6. I’m seriously scared of zombies. Vampires and werewolves are fine, but I just can’t go past the whole I’m-a-living-dead-brain-eater thing.

7. I illustrated an anatomy book written by Maayan Rivkes Spectorman, called “Anatomy – A voyage to the discovery of the human body” (published by the Tel Aviv University). I learned a lot in the process and was very proud of the finished result.

8. I remember almost all of my dreams in detail when I wake up, they are so vivid that sometimes it takes me over an hour to shake them off. In other words, if I dreamed that my husband did something that upset me, I would be pretty grumpy and bitchy towards him the next morning…

That’s it, folks!

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