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Some days are special

Remember the terrible pop-up chaos on my desk? Well, I’m happy to share the result of many planning and working hours – a small pop up greeting-book (I think I just made up a new term… it’s a greeting card presented as a book).
I used several pop up techniques and mechanisms, some for the first time. In order to make it all work together, I kept the color scheme and styling pretty homogeneous throughout the book. I used greenish-blue, gray and white card stock and some gray printed “washi” tape. I first drew all the silhouettes on paper and then carefully cut them out with an exacto knife.

I made this book for my mother’s birthday. It tells the story of a girl, who chases stars, just so she can make a shiny garland out of them and give it to her mom.

There’s even a video:

Love you mom! 🙂



Happy Purim!!!

As you can see, I’ve decided to become a hungry vampire this Pourim. I love it!!! Some of it I made myself, but mostly I adjusted, decorated and mixed-and-matched some old clothes.

Have a happy, colorful holiday!


Pop Up Chaos

Lately my desk was a complete mess! I’ve been working on a super-special pop-up project for quite a while now (work left me with very little time for scrapping fun). I tried some new tricks and mechanisms on this one, therefore I had to create some trial models first. I made it piece by piece, whenever I managed to squeeze a few free minutes.

I’m giving you a little sneak-peek to the creative process. My good friend Tamar even captured me working on it a few nights ago!

The complete work will be uploaded soon – I think it came out pretty lovely!


Automatic Sliding Tab Tutorial

Hi everybody!

It’s been a while since I last posted here, work has been crazy lately and I had no time. This post has been waiting for some time now, and it’s finally done and published for you! Enjoy.

After the great responses for the Deep Purple card and the Winter Butterflies card, I took the time to create this step-by-step tutorial. Night falls so early these days, I had no choice but to take the pictures with terrible artificial light. Not the best conditions, but it’s far better than nothing at all, right? 🙂

The card I made here was measured to fit a 15X12 cm envelope, so at the end of the process you’ll get a 14X10.5 cm card.

1. Choose the papers you’re going to use for the base of the card: I used light gray cardstock measuring 14X21 cm for the exterior of the card, and a dark gray cardstock measuring 13X20 cm for the interior of the card. Score both to create a center-fold.

2. Take a piece of cardstock, same kind as the one you chose for the interior of the card. Mark with a pencil sections as shown in the picture.

3. Cut the pop-up base and tab from the piece of paper you’ve just marked. This is the time to decide how big you want the pop-up base and pulling tab to be. I went for a 6 cm strip, you can try this out and once you get the idea you can do it any size you want, but no more than your interior card height (in this case – no more than 13 cm). You can see in the picture I’ve cut some corners off, it’ll make hiding the gluing and sliding tabs a lot easier later on.

4. Score the tab as shown below.

5. Fold the scored lines to get the hinges your pop up and tab will need. Notice at the photo that most of the creases are mountain folds, except for the smaller gluing tab.

6. Take the interior base of the card (from step 1) and flip it over. Mark with a pencil the trail of the tab, following the measurements shown below.

7. Cut 2 “C” slots, slightly wider than the tab’s trail real width. That way, the tab will move freely and won’t tear.

8. Flip back the interior base of the card. Insert the tab into the slots and make sure it moves smoothly in there.

9. Add glue to the gluing tab, fold it underneath and press firmly. Allow to dry before continuing.

10. Apply glue to the second glue tab and close the card.

11. Press the card firmly to allow the glue to dry.

12. Open the card and – voila – the mechanism is ready!

13. Glue the interior base to the exterior base, and you’re ready to decorate the inner and outer side of your card! Use the pop-up base for any flat decorations, either busy or simple and clean.

Try it in different sizes and be creative!

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