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Sketchbook peeks

I’m back!!! India was beautiful, exciting, interesting… It’s practically impossible to put it in words. I was very inspired and have many projects in mind, and even a unique India Blog Candy coming up! But before rushing into all that, I’m taking the day off to unpack and rest- it’s funny how after only a month and a half you feel the need to get used to your own life again.

I would like to share with you some free sketches from my trips’ diary-comes-sketchbook (or maybe the other way around).

Have a great weekend!



India inspiration

These past two and a half weeks were magical. The views we’ve crossed on our trip from Leh, Ladakh, at the far north of India, down to Manali and Prabati valley, were unbelievably breath taking. I’m travelling with my good friend Tamar, sadly leaving my beloved newly-wed husband at home… 😦

I try not to spend my days at the internet cafes but rather outside, in the streets, the shops and the restaurants. That’s why you won’t be hearing from me on this blog much for the next few weeks. When I come back, with lovely fabrics and papers, full of Indian inspiration- you will be rewarded for your patience!

The picture below shows a stand of hand-carved wooden stamps from Leh. It was a hard choice, I can tell you that…

All the best!

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