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Birthday Wishes Pop Up Book

This little pop up book was actually the birthday “card” I made for my beloved hubby’s birthday. It’s already a month old, but I’ve been a bit busy lately and didn’t get the chance to share this project with you. So – here it is!

As always, making a card for a man is not an easy task. Trying to give it a masculine feel (and avoid cuteness;)), I kept the colors muted and used a lot of neutral Craft Paper. I chose only two patterned papers for decoration and added a touch of gold with beautiful Washi tape.

I wanted every single page to be surprising, but still keeping the whole thing working as one, so there’s a simple structure to it all: every spread has a secret pop-up illustration on the right side, and a hearty wish-on-a-tag in the left side pocket. Each spread has a theme and the illustration and wishes to match.

I placed the wish-book in a little paper box (a tutorial for that is coming up soon!).

In the first spread I made an accordion of cut-outs, representing some of Ari’s dreams, wishes and hopes (just a few, those I could actually illustrate…).

The computer pop up represents the professional side of my husband’s success in life, the wishes I wrote on the tag spoke of other aspects of success as well 🙂

This pop up is a fun tecnique I’ve used here for the first time. When you pull the ribbon, the 2D monochromatic illustration becomes a 3D one, and below a colorful reflection is revealed. The scene is inspired by a photo of Ari, standing proud on a snowy ridge during our hiking trip in New Zealand. On the tag I wished him lots of travelling, new adventures and exciting events.

When you open the pop up tab on the right, a birthday cake pops right up! I love this pop up, sweet in character and masculine in color. As for the wishes, I think I’ve got the love department covered…

The back of the book is simple and clean. Just a little touch of gold.

Happy birthday Ari my love! You’re the best!



Pop Up Flowers Workshop!

How’s 2012 so far? 😉
First, allow me to apologize to my non-Hebrew speaking subscribers: this post contains information in Hebrew, it describes the upcoming workshop I’m hosting in Israel- basically telling everybody where to be and what to bring. Next post we will resume normal transmission… 🙂

Now, for the details:

Hope to see you there!


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