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Wedding excuses

Well… Last week was my Friday-noon wedding ceremony, and on Thursday is the huge wedding party, so I had very little time for blogging…
BUT- right after the carnival is over, I’ll be posting all the DIY ideas and products I created for the ceremony (a lot of paperwork and other crafty delights!). I have another pop-up tutorial up my sleeve too, so stay tuned!

I’m attaching this photo, just to add some credibility to my excuses 😉



My Pop-Up Wedding Invitation!

I’ve planned this pop-up invitation for so long, I couldn’t believe I finally pulled it off! First of all I have to come clean- not all of our many many guests got this version. Only 50 lucky people (family and close friends) received these hand-made beauties, while the rest of our guests got a delicate printed graphic interpretation of the same images. Another confession I must make- I didn’t do this alone. My good friend Avital was with me through the whole process…

The dancing couple are of course Ari and myself, so I was very pleased when people were able to recognize us easily. The figures and trees were laser cut and assembled by hand. We’re getting married at a place called “Baya’ar”, which means “In the Forest” in Hebrew. It’s a beautiful place at the heart of a forest, all surrounded by trees. The branches theme goes all the way to the center pieces at the wedding (and besides, I’m quite obsessed with branches graphics…).
The back of the invitations is made of textured card-stock in deep, dark purple. When you take it out of the envelope it’s blank, dark and unexpected, nothing prepares you for the surprising content… The envelopes and interior, as well as the laser cut images, are made of a special, silky-smooth ivory shaded paper. The invitation is both in Hebrew and Spanish, because Ari is from Uruguay (and because I found the symmetry lovely…).

Hope you love it as much as I do!
Big day is coming up real soon 😉


“My Love” pop-up card

I made this card for my fiancee Ari, for our 4 years anniversary. I must admit making masculine cards is a bit hard for me, I find this hobby so very feminine (and it seems like mostly women truly appreciate receiving these cards…). BUT, there was no way I was going to give him something too bland, so this is the result. It is a simple pop-up card, using mostly Cosmo Cricket papers.

By the way- this card was attached to a brand new classic guitar! Obviously he was more thrilled about the guitar than the card…

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