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Robot Love!

I LOVE ROBOTS. I do. I made the illustration above last year, and it is no more than an honest confession.

I own a few little robots myself (as I mentioned on the Stylish post while back). I think I especially like that vintage feel, all the dials and buttons, representing the past notion of what “futuristic” was thought to be.

My great affection for robots is actually old news, the reason for this machine invasion today is ROBOT WEEK! I now declare next week to be the official robot week on the Little Green Box! So, what does that actually mean? Well, I had the honor of receiving a beautiful paper kit that is about to be launched, and I’m going to reveal the new kit with some awesome robot projects!

Stay tuned this week, it’s going to be electric! 🙂

Have a beautiful weekend,



Sketchbook peeks

I’m back!!! India was beautiful, exciting, interesting… It’s practically impossible to put it in words. I was very inspired and have many projects in mind, and even a unique India Blog Candy coming up! But before rushing into all that, I’m taking the day off to unpack and rest- it’s funny how after only a month and a half you feel the need to get used to your own life again.

I would like to share with you some free sketches from my trips’ diary-comes-sketchbook (or maybe the other way around).

Have a great weekend!


The Lonely movie

This illustrated video was actually a 4th year assignment during my architecture studies. Each of the students picked cards out of different packs, revealing a certain character. The cards came in different colors, and on their back it said: “I am…”, “I live at…”, “I live next to…”, “I own…” and so on. We picked one of each and had to create a certain illustration, expressing how we figured that character out. The only rule was- no literal architecture. No models, plans or sketches.
Some students wrote a song, made music or painted. I made this.
My character was described as follows:
“I am a spinster. I live with my grandmother. I live in a large house of 18 rooms. I live next to a highway. I live next to a lake. My neighbors are a group of anarchists. I own a collection of customs.”
My interpretation is brought to you in this short clip. The music is by “Feist”.

My Movie
Here are some movie shots:

Lonely lonely from Shira Ganany on Vimeo.

In the eye of the beholder

This little drawing is one of my favorites! I’ve drawn it to decorate our guest’s toilet, and it sure gets lots of comments… I think it’s funny! Whenever a guest asks why is there an eye above the john watching him or her going on with their business, we like to reply that that’s where we hid the micro camera 😉

Have a nice one,


First post!

Well… I’ve been wanting to start my own blog forever now, but it took me quite a while to actually do something about it.
These days I’m very much into my wedding planning. Weddings here in Israel are unlike the ones you see in the U.S or Europe. They’re usually in the evening, with LOTS of guests (we’re inviting about 400 people!), and if the DJ is right- it’s a crazy party!

I’m planning something a little different- I’m going to have the Huppa (religious ceremony) on a Friday noon, a nice garden party for my closest family and friends. A week late, on a Thursday evening, we have our big party at a beautiful venue. You all know what it means, right? (I’ll give you a hint: twice the dress, twice the shoes, the hair and makeup etc…). At the noon event I’m doing a lot of DIY projects- it’ll all be up here once I’m done.

On the mean while you can check our “save-the-date” I made (also- not very common in Israel) here:
the password is: 010710
And the music is “1234” by the wonderful “Feist”

Hope you’ll enjoy my blog!


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