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Inspire me NOW! – A Little Hut

Hello everybody!

I have to tell you about this lovely blog I visit quite often – A Little Hut. The owner of this creative blog is Patricia Zapata, a graphic designer, crafter and writer. She has a clean, chic style, a sensitive eye and imaginative mind. Her work is simply beautiful. There are plenty of cool tutorials and lots of ideas. There is a strong emphasis on recycling throughout her site, which is refreshing in our consuming, big-spenders modern scrapping community.

These days she’s doing a lot of cutter-machine creations and experiments, which made me wish I had one myself…

Check out Patricia’s blog:

She also has an on-line store, where you can purchase hand made designs as well as original cutting files (if you’re lucky and you own a cutting machine):

Have a nice week!



Anniversary Scratch Cards!

I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Celebrating our first anniversary was so much fun, though if you ask me – I’d do the whole wedding thing again, every year! Looking at the pictures of our wedding can bring me to tears, the ceremony and the party were the happiest, most beautiful days, memories I truly treasure.

For our 1st anniversary I made Ari some cool scratch cards, with all sorts of loving gifts (including, among less material things, a gift I actually paid for…). During (an amazing) dinner, he scratched one card at the time and won some awesome prizes (like a kiss, or a funny dance). The scratch cards and the little matching birthday card came in a small box, along with a coin for all the scratchin’.

Want to make these yourself? No problem! A tutorial is coming up soon!


PS- Don’t think I was neglected, I got a huge flower bouquet and some jewelry 🙂

Hello Kitty Cake Topper

My friend Dana asked for my help making a cake for her daughter’s first birthday. I didn’t have enough time to walk her through the whole fondant-covered-cake tutorial, so we decided to make the cake topper together, which was to be added to the rest of the cake a few days later. That’s why we didn’t only make the figure, but also a round base made of fondant, so it’ll be stable and set once put on the cake.

Now, I don’t usually do adorable, but this one came out so very cute, I just had to share!

Happy birthday, Dafna! 🙂


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