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With India in my heart

This card was sent to wintam, along with the India Blog Candy she won! Congrats!
I free-handedly drew the pop-up figure, and cut it with a sharp craft knife. I added some punched decorations to the background, and used a copper embossing powder for a little shine. It’s quite basic but never the less colorful, rich and exciting – just like India!


Inspire me NOW!

It’s going to be a CRAZY week for me, lots of work and very little time for crafting my day away… Sooo, there will be no fun card today, instead – another inspirational and creative site for you:

This week’s artist is Yulia Brodskaya. She creates magical swirly paper-graphics, that tricks the eye (and the heart).
At her site you can admire her beautiful illustrations, typography and more:


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