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I Love Notebooks

I love notebooks. I have so many notebooks and notepads and sketchbooks all around the house… I find them irresistible! Sometimes it’s the smoothness of the paper, sometimes it’s the beautiful cover. I can’t explain it, it’s a serious soft-spot of mine.

Not long ago, me and a bunch of crafty women came together to celebrate one of the group member’s birthday. This group of girls, all from different backgrounds and geographic locations, is a great new social circle that evolved in the past year. Birthdays are celebrated within this group in a most fun way; Among other birthday activities, we each gave the birthday girl, Michal, a gift and a card which she had to guess who it was from. Mine was kinda easy – everything that pops up is usually made by me…

I made her several notebooks – one large with a hard cover (which I binded with my bind-it-all) and a small pocket size notepad. I added a gigantic wooden pencil and wrapped it up with craft paper that I pre-stamped.
The card was actually a part of a card-book: all the guests made their card the same size, with a design on the front and a few words on the back. Once Michal guessed who made what (based on the front side), she could read her greetings on the back. Then, all the cards were binded together into a book.

It was a great party! The food was delicious and the company was awesome! I made the pink girly cupcakes for desert 🙂

Have a great week!


Hello Kitty Cake Topper

My friend Dana asked for my help making a cake for her daughter’s first birthday. I didn’t have enough time to walk her through the whole fondant-covered-cake tutorial, so we decided to make the cake topper together, which was to be added to the rest of the cake a few days later. That’s why we didn’t only make the figure, but also a round base made of fondant, so it’ll be stable and set once put on the cake.

Now, I don’t usually do adorable, but this one came out so very cute, I just had to share!

Happy birthday, Dafna! 🙂


Independence Day Cupcakes

I made these little beauties for the Independence Day BBQ at my parents’ garden. They were very well received 😉
Happy Independence Day ya’ll!

Cupcake Madness!

I know, I know… I’m probably the last person on earth to join the cupcake frenzy. Everybody seems to be sewing, crafting, baking and eating cupcakes lately. It’s everywhere! So, for my wonderful husband’s birthday I’ve decided to join the mania and bake some cupcakes!

I was so enthusiastic, I couldn’t stop at one kind… There were rich chocolate ones, lemon and meringue, coffee, dulce de leche with Nutella, strawberry and chocolate-Irish cream! The house was full of these little lovelies! I really enjoyed decorating them (cream piping for the first time!) and they survived the short trip fantastically. Ari’s colleagues were thrilled to be served with these delicious tiny cakes.
I improvised with most of the recepies, but alot of the inspiration came from this site- Sirly Nemesh.

Happy birthday Ari my love – you are the best thing that ever happened to me!

An Out-of-this-world cake

When my wonderful partner in life left for a long business trip to China, I couldn’t imagine how much I’d miss him… So I decided that on his return home, late at night, I should leave on the table a little something to says “I’ve missed you”. Well, eventually I actually wrote it on a note, just to make sure he gets it… The note was placed next to this yummy Nutella and white chocolate cake, with a friendly UF-dude sitting on top.

It made him smile 😉


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