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Craft in a Frame

In the last few months I’ve been working as a home stylist for one of the nicest couple ever. We got really close, and when their house was pretty much done, I decided to give them a little crafty and personal gift.
I created a picture frame composition for their dinning room wall, so I wanted to help fill those empty frames with some fresh, modern creations.

Sooo… After some punching, cutting and a lot of x-acto knife slicing – I’m happy to share the finished products. The first one is a cut-out of jolly jumping kids. I love how it came out, very delicate in details and very vibrant in color.

The second one is the end of the well known saying – “When life gives you lemons – …”. It suits the couple I’ve worked for very well, as they are both ambitious and true optimists.

The third paper picture is a geometric composition of black butterflies on cream paper. It’s quite simple, yet it has a strong effect. From a distance all you can see is a pattern, the butterflies are revealed only from up-close.

Have a nice week!



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