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Sail Away Pop Up Card

Sail Away popup card |

Hi all!
Just wanted to share with you a little something-something I made recently. This simple pop up card was given to my dear friends, Fabio and Noa, who got married on a beautiful seaside terrace last week. They are super talented interior designers, and I wish them all the best both in their personal and professional (awesome) lives.

Sail Away popup card |

The venue they chose is located on one of my favourite beaches in Israel, where you can spot a boat with white sails on the horizon at any time.

Sail Away popup card |

Sail Away popup card |

Sail Away popup card |

Fabio and Noa – I’m so happy you found each other!



Rosh HaShana Pop Up Workshop

I’m happy to announce a new workshop, and it’s at the end of this week! To my Israeli readers – hurry up and sign up for this fun class, in which we’ll create some great pop-up cards for Rosh HaShana!

Here are the detais:

Flier copy

RoshHaShana Pop Ups - the little green box - 1

RoshHaShana Pop Ups - the little green box - 2

RoshHaShana Pop Ups - the little green box - 3

RoshHaShana Pop Ups - the little green box - 4

RoshHaShana Pop Ups - the little green box - 5

RoshHaShana Pop Ups - the little green box - 6

RoshHaShana Pop Ups - the little green box - 7

RoshHaShana Pop Ups - the little green box - 8

And to my non-Hebrew speaking readers, thanks for bearing with me, some great posts are on their way!

Have a lovely week,

Welcome Home Pop-Up Card

Hello there, craft buddies 🙂

I made this lovely “Welcome home” pop up card for Yuval, my husband’s colleague and friend. He had just finished building his house, and we came over to have a first peek at their new love nest.

Welcome Home_ pop up card_little green box-1

Welcome Home_ pop up card_little green box-2

Welcome Home_ pop up card_little green box-3

I love this card. It’s simple yet elegant, and you can decorate in different ways for different occasions – the surrounding of the house can reflect the season, it could be a candy house or maybe a gingerbread house for the holidays.

Welcome Home_ pop up card_little green box-4

Welcome Home_ pop up card_little green box-5

Welcome Home_ pop up card_little green box-6

Sooo… Who wants a tutorial? Ha ha… I knew you would! I’m working on a great and easy how-to for this card, coming real soon.

Have a wonderful day,

Butterflies Workshop


Hi everybody!

It’s been real quiet here lately, I know… As part of my coming-back-to-life, I’m happy to announce a new workshop! To my Israeli readers – hurry up and sign up for this fun spring-inspired class!


And to my non-Hebrew speaking readers, thanks for bearing with me, some great posts are on their way!

Have a lovely week,

A Girl With A Kite Pop-Up Card


This sweet little card was given to my good friend Meital for her birthday awhile ago. I wanted to create something simple and straight forward, yet full of delicate details. It’s all cut by hand, because though the Silhouette is an AWESOME machine – I find hand-cut pieces being more personal and heart warming.

Have a great weekend you all!

Pop Up Diorama Tutorial

Hi ho everybody!

I’ve been terribly neglecting the little green box. There’s so much going on in our lives right now and my crafting skills and efforts were focused elsewhere (I’m nesting like a crazy bird… more about that – on a different post). I have a few things to share with you, but because I’ve been such a bad blogger – I’ll start with this really cool diorama tutorial!

So, what’s a Diorama? one of the dictionary’s definitions is: “a miniature three-dimensional scene, in which models of figures are seen against a background”. Miniature? 3D? Sounds good to me. There are many ways to create a diorama, and if you google it you’ll probably find many versions and ideas. This tutorial will teach you how to make a most basic diorama frame, which you can personalize, change and adjust to your liking. The cool thing about this one is that, not only this is a tiny 3D picture that you can put on display, but it also FLATTENS so you can put it in an envelope and mail it! Pop-up card and diorama, all-in-one!

So – shall we begin?

1. First step will be to choose your papers. I chose a collection of 4 shades of orange cardstock. Feel free to choose patterned paper instead, as long as it’s as heavy as cardstock, so it won’t come out too flimsy.
Next, cut your papers so they’ll measure slightly less than your envelope. My envelope was a 11×15 cm, so I’ve cut all my papers 10×14 cm. The diorama comes out a bit thick, so you’ll want to make sure it slides easily in and out of the envelope. Not using an envelope? cut it any size you want!
Use a pencil and mark a 1 cm inner frame on the back of three of the papers, leaving out the one paper you chose for the back of the diorama. I wanted my shades of orange to go from light (in the front) to dark (on the back), so I left the darkest shade unmarked.

2. Cut out the frames you marked (remember – the back of the diorama stays uncut!). Keep the insides of the frames aside, we’ll use them in a moment.

3. Using the insides of the frames from the previous step, cut two strips of paper from each color. Each strip should measure 10×4 cm. Score the strips using a bone folder or stylus, following the measurements in the picture below. Trim the corners as shown below and fold the strips to create little zig-zags. These pieces are the “hinges” of our little pop-up diorama.

4. Take your first frame, the one you want to place in the front, and add a stripe of glue to the back of one of its shorter edges. Make sure to use the glue on the back – we’re trying to keep the rough edges out of sight!

5. Take one of the “hinges” in the same color as the first frame and attach. Make sure that when you turn the frame over to its right side, everything is neat and aligned, the hinge’s glued tab is not peeking from the side (or the inside) of the frame.
Repeat this step on the other short edge of the frame, with the second coordinating hinge.

6. With the first frame facing down, add a stripe of glue to the inner tab of one of the attached hinges.

7. Place the next frame in line on the hinge, making sure it’s not sticking out on the top or the bottom.

8. Close the tab with the glue on top of the frame. Repeat on the other side.

9. If you made it this far – you got it! You have completed the first scene of your diorama!

10. If you follow steps 4-8 with the rest of the frames, you’ll receive this finished diorama base! I warmly recommend to decorate the last piece – the back of the diorama – in advance. It’s much easier than trying to stick your fingers in there for stamping or gluing…

11. Now you can stamp, cut, punch whatever elements you want, to create your special little scene.

Pop Up Diorama Tutorial -


* I wouldn’t recommend adding more frames if the diorama is meant to be placed in an envelope. However, if it’s purely for decoration, you can add as many frames as you want!
* Use the entire frame, not just its bottom (as I did with the gray flags). It’ll make the diorama seem deeper and more dramatic.
* The back of the diorama doesn’t HAVE to be uncut. You can make it as a frame too, creating a see-through diorama.
* Why cut square frames? keep an approximately 1 cm margin (just to make sure the frame is solid), and cut the inside in the shape of a curtain, clouds, forest branches…
* Frame the diorama in a shadow box to get a very cool 3D decorative piece!

This diorama flattens to fit an envelope, but when pulled out it pops right up and becomes 3 dimensional and awesome!

Have fun with it!

Girl Of Many Talents (or: Multitask Pop-up Card)

Sharon, my good friend, is a very talented woman. She’s a brilliant academic, a graceful dancer, a gifted cook… the list goes on and on! This year, on top of the many things she does for fun and leisure, she was up-to-her-neck busy writing her Ph.D, working at the University and treating patients.
For her birthday, my friends and I decided to let her know how proud we are of her for juggling so many things and not (completely) loosing her mind…
This Multitask pop up card is slightly influenced by the image of the Hindu god (Deity) Parvati, with her many arms. Sharon is the fair lady in the center of the card, each of her arms represents one of her talents and occupations. I picked just a few examples to make a point, yet you can see – she’s one busy girl!

I kept the outside of the card clean and simple.

After realizing that there’s no way our many wishes for her will fit in the card, I printed it as a letter and added a small pocket for it on the face of the card.

Have a wonderful week!

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