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It’s been quite dark and stormy here in Israel today, so I made something that will surely make you feel warm inside!
This little cubic-cute robot is decorated with the “White Days” paper collection, you can check it out here.



Robots + Tetris= ♥

As some of you already know, I’m celebrating Robots Week this week (which isn’t a real holiday or trend or anything, just something I made up as an excuse for making lots of paper robots…). I’m using the beautiful new paper kit “White Days” by Tsruya, as shown on my last post.

Do you remember the Tetris mania back in the 90’s? Everybody was playing, ALL the time. So, here is my robo-tribute for my teen years 🙂

Hope you like it 🙂

Modern Times

It’s here! Robot Week! Are you as excited as I am? (Probably not, but that’s OK ;))

First and foremost, let me tell you about the patterned paper I’ve used in all of the robocraft projects I’m going to present this week:
This is a paper kit named “White Days”, created and sold by the very talented Tsruya Ilan. It’s a collection of 15×15 cm double-sided designer paper, in soft shades of grey and the perfect hue of turquoise. This is Tsruya’s sixth paper collection and will be available for purchase starting this Friday (details will follow).
Sooo… Wanna have a peek? Here it is – White Days paper kit:

And here it is spread on my table before working on it:

If you can read Hebrew, you should definitely check out Tsruya’s blog.
You really have to see it in person – there is something very soft and flowing, both color and pattern, which in my opinion, makes this collection simply excellent. I was very happy and proud that Tsruya shared it with me before it’s been launched, and even happier when I saw just how lovely it is!
The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the paper kit for the first time was “WEDDINGS”, it’s delicate and sophisticated and will suite a wedding album or card very well. BUT – I felt like making something different (and honestly – the collection is so versatile – it wasn’t really a challenge…). So Robot Week was born! I used it in all the robotic wonders you’ll see here this week, sometimes as patterned accents, sometimes as the base of the entire project.

As for this card – I love how the hugging robot came out. Is is relatively large and has a funny expression, who wouldn’t want a hug from that?!

Have a great (Robot) week, make something new 😉


Robot Love!

I LOVE ROBOTS. I do. I made the illustration above last year, and it is no more than an honest confession.

I own a few little robots myself (as I mentioned on the Stylish post while back). I think I especially like that vintage feel, all the dials and buttons, representing the past notion of what “futuristic” was thought to be.

My great affection for robots is actually old news, the reason for this machine invasion today is ROBOT WEEK! I now declare next week to be the official robot week on the Little Green Box! So, what does that actually mean? Well, I had the honor of receiving a beautiful paper kit that is about to be launched, and I’m going to reveal the new kit with some awesome robot projects!

Stay tuned this week, it’s going to be electric! 🙂

Have a beautiful weekend,


Felt Goodies

I’m probably the last one to hop on this trend-train, but that’s because I have issues with “CUTE”. I create sweet characters sometimes, and I’m not afraid of using any color or pattern. However – if the project becomes too cute, I can’t pull through. Can’t do it. Just ain’t my cup of tea.

And then came felt food. Felt fruit, felt hamburgers and the icing-on-the-cake (pardon the pun…) – felt pastries! I can try to play it cool, but these goodies are just darn irresistible!
Felt was super HOT this year, all I needed was a good excuse to tackle a nice little project. When my friend Avital celebrated (in a most fabulous way!) her son’s first birthday, I knew that was my chance to try it out. Little Evyatar received hand made felt goodies like doughnuts and cookies, wrapped in pretty doilies 🙂

I have to say I LOVED making them! If you never tried making felt doughnuts with little bead sprinkles, You have to try. These things can brighten any one’s day, guaranteed.

Love it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wish you all a LOVEly day!

The Glue Gun Girl – Interview + tutorial!

I haven’t been around much, I know, but here’s a treat to win your hearts back – check out the Glue Gun Girl blog. The blog’s author is Lisa, a song writer from the UK, who writes almost every day (unlike lazy me…) about all things DIY, from super cool crafts to fun party cocktails.

She kindly asked me to answer a few questions, like a short interview for her blog. I gladly wrote back, adding this great tutorial for a last minute Valentine’s card – a winged heart pop up for the one who makes your heart fly!

Come on! Click the link and meet the Glue Gun Girl!

Have an awesome week, full of love and chocolate!

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