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Laura’s Quilt

I met Herbert in Laos, many many years ago. It was in a tiny village on a river’s bank. I was heartbroken at the time, sad and silent and quite a bad travelling companion. Nevertheless, he thought I was amusing and nice, and we became friends. We’ve been in touch ever since, I even visited him at his home in Switzerland a few years ago. Years went by, Herbert met and married the lovely Martina, and about a year ago they had their first baby daughter – Laura Adina.

I’ve never met baby Laura, but in the photographs she looks like the funniest, sweetest little thing. I was so happy for Herbert when she was born, I couldn’t put it in words. I kept telling him “I’m making something special for Laura!”, month after month. So far I failed to deliver. At first, when she was born, I was very busy with work; then, I didn’t buy enough fabric; then, busy again… When I finally sat down and sew (NOT my strongest skill), it took me forever to get it done.

Well, now It’s done. I made it. I’m proud to present – Laura’s quilt!

As it took me so long to complete and she’s not a tiny baby anymore, I figured I’d make the blanket large enough to fit a toddler’s first “grownup” bed.

There’s (obviously!) a card that comes with the quilt: The front has the same triangular pattern as the quilt, the inside is popping with hearts :).

I hope she’ll love it!
♥ ShirA


Felt Goodies

I’m probably the last one to hop on this trend-train, but that’s because I have issues with “CUTE”. I create sweet characters sometimes, and I’m not afraid of using any color or pattern. However – if the project becomes too cute, I can’t pull through. Can’t do it. Just ain’t my cup of tea.

And then came felt food. Felt fruit, felt hamburgers and the icing-on-the-cake (pardon the pun…) – felt pastries! I can try to play it cool, but these goodies are just darn irresistible!
Felt was super HOT this year, all I needed was a good excuse to tackle a nice little project. When my friend Avital celebrated (in a most fabulous way!) her son’s first birthday, I knew that was my chance to try it out. Little Evyatar received hand made felt goodies like doughnuts and cookies, wrapped in pretty doilies 🙂

I have to say I LOVED making them! If you never tried making felt doughnuts with little bead sprinkles, You have to try. These things can brighten any one’s day, guaranteed.

Love it.

Baby Quilt

This is my first quilt ever! I made it for a friend’s little baby boy. I love it, I found it hard giving it away!
In my opinion you can make the nicest baby’s textile products from some “grown up” fabrics and non typical colors. A friend saw the fabrics I bought and gave me a funny look, saying: “these are not the right colors for babies! Where are all the teddy bears and flowers?!”. Well, I think it’s stylish, cool and very baby-ish!

I have very little experience in sewing, so I had to watch a few Youtube videos to get the grip of it, and off I went! It was fun to make, satisfying to accomplish, and made me want to make a large one for us to snuggle in!

Have a great weekend!


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