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Welcome Home Pop-Up Card

Hello there, craft buddies 🙂

I made this lovely “Welcome home” pop up card for Yuval, my husband’s colleague and friend. He had just finished building his house, and we came over to have a first peek at their new love nest.

Welcome Home_ pop up card_little green box-1

Welcome Home_ pop up card_little green box-2

Welcome Home_ pop up card_little green box-3

I love this card. It’s simple yet elegant, and you can decorate in different ways for different occasions – the surrounding of the house can reflect the season, it could be a candy house or maybe a gingerbread house for the holidays.

Welcome Home_ pop up card_little green box-4

Welcome Home_ pop up card_little green box-5

Welcome Home_ pop up card_little green box-6

Sooo… Who wants a tutorial? Ha ha… I knew you would! I’m working on a great and easy how-to for this card, coming real soon.

Have a wonderful day,


Inspire me NOW! – Tina Kraus

Drop what you’re doing. Right now. Just drop it. You HAVE to visit Tina Kraus’s blog and site, at this very minute. I promise you, it’s going to take your breath away!

Tina is a super talented (and really nice!) young German paper artist. She creates delicate and beautiful pop-ups, paper cuts and illustrations. I love them all, I think she’s a star.

Do yourself a huge favor and take a stroll in Tina’s wonderland:

faltmanufaktur Site

faltmanufaktur Blog


If you’re not German speaking, worry not! She usually writes in English as well (just scroll down), and her site is definitely google-translation worthy.


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