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The Lonely movie

This illustrated video was actually a 4th year assignment during my architecture studies. Each of the students picked cards out of different packs, revealing a certain character. The cards came in different colors, and on their back it said: “I am…”, “I live at…”, “I live next to…”, “I own…” and so on. We picked one of each and had to create a certain illustration, expressing how we figured that character out. The only rule was- no literal architecture. No models, plans or sketches.
Some students wrote a song, made music or painted. I made this.
My character was described as follows:
“I am a spinster. I live with my grandmother. I live in a large house of 18 rooms. I live next to a highway. I live next to a lake. My neighbors are a group of anarchists. I own a collection of customs.”
My interpretation is brought to you in this short clip. The music is by “Feist”.

My Movie
Here are some movie shots:

Lonely lonely from Shira Ganany on Vimeo.


Corner Bookmarks- tutorial

I know it’s kinda’ basic, still I thought it’d be nice to add this short tutorial.

Corner Bookmarks are HOT!

This is my new obsession! I saw one corner bookmark at an Israeli scrapping forum, and knew that’s the next thing I’m going to do!
I must say I wasn’t totally in-the-mood while making these, I had such a short spam of attention. None the less, I really felt like sitting in the studio and creating SOMETHING. The solution- these super quick and easy to make bookmarks, made out of envelope corners. They can be decorated heavily (as long as you keep all the embellishments fairly flat), I had zero patience, so I made them very clean and simple.

I’m planning of doing a whole lot more of these, I promise next time they’ll be better planned and executed… 😉 It’s a great gift to give, I made the one with the bicycle for the man I love!

Hope you like it!


In the eye of the beholder

This little drawing is one of my favorites! I’ve drawn it to decorate our guest’s toilet, and it sure gets lots of comments… I think it’s funny! Whenever a guest asks why is there an eye above the john watching him or her going on with their business, we like to reply that that’s where we hid the micro camera 😉

Have a nice one,


Go shorty, it’s your B-Day!

Yael, a creative friend of mine, is celebrating her birthday. For a while I was unsure what to give her, what kind of hand-made super card. Then I figured that no one in the world can wish her the things she wants, dreams and hopes, better than herself. So… I made a little card with my own wishes and some instructions, and added this little booklet, where she can fill in what are the 10 things she wishes herself, 5 sources of inspiration, dreams and so on.
I’m going to give it to her tonight, I hope she likes it!!!

The whole thing is made out of sugary-pink pack of Basic Grey, full of hearts in pinks and browns.


The Little Green Box

here’s why I like to be called by that name, a few cards to back up my story and many little green boxes.

I always fall in love with a new crafty hobby, buy tons of supplies, get VERY much into it and eventually- move on to the next one. I never get rid of all the gear, knowing it might seduce me again- with it’s shiny little glass tiles, it’s Japanese glossy beads or gorgeous textured paper.
When I was very much into beads and jewelery making, I sold them in these little green boxes (I bought a case with 200 of those). I stopped making jewelery and for a while they were left untouched and unloved, that is until I began card making.
I made cards that measure 9X9 cm, to fit the boxes, and sold them at “open house” sales, next to jewelery made by my friend Lilach. Whenever someone bought a piece from her, they were offered to accompany it with a box and a card, making it a lovely gift. It worked very well! People were taken by the cute proportions and bought most of them. I’m adding a few of them here, so you can have a good idea of what I’m babbling about…


An Out-of-this-world cake

When my wonderful partner in life left for a long business trip to China, I couldn’t imagine how much I’d miss him… So I decided that on his return home, late at night, I should leave on the table a little something to says “I’ve missed you”. Well, eventually I actually wrote it on a note, just to make sure he gets it… The note was placed next to this yummy Nutella and white chocolate cake, with a friendly UF-dude sitting on top.

It made him smile 😉


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